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Find A Location Near You

Browse the website under the "Classes" tab and find a class close to you. If you don't see a class in your neighborhood, contact us to add your area to our class line-up!

Your Child Attends Class 1x/Week

Our warriors attend class valuable skills such as balance, coordination, fitness, timing, footwork, blocking, kicking, grappling basics and more! Classes are developmentally age appropriate. *Bring a lawn chair or blanket to park classes!


Students Progress & Earn Belts

Our warriors earn a belts in Taekwondo & Brazilian Jiujitsu. Belt promotions happen when the student is ready and has learned the necessary curriculum required to promote. Skill stripes are earned often after class, so be sure to always bring your belt!


Celebrate Our Final Class

Parents and family are invited to come to the last class of every session to see your warrior break a board and earn a certificate! This is a time of celebration and huge confidence builder for our young ninjas!


Keep Training. Year-Round!

Our program consists of 10 belts to graduate through the "junior" belts. Martial arts is something you can do your entire life. Current students get a priority spot in the next session to keep going and become more proficient in self-defense.



+ How old does my child need to be to start?

/ We are excited to welcome your child after their third birthday! 



+ Are the preschool classes different than the elementary age classes?

/ Yes! These two programs are very different when it comes to curriculum. The two age groups also earn different color belts. Our younger students focus on balance, coordination, large motor skills, sharing, self-control, teamwork, jumping, basic footwork, blocking, fun games and more. Our older group works on fine motor skills, core strength, flexibility, agility, timing, confidence, goal setting, patience, grit and more.


+ Do parents stay and watch class?

/ Our preschool (3-5yr) parents are required to stay on-site during class. This age group may need extra support during class so its important parents are close by. For our older group (6-10yrs), parents are welcome to drop off or wait in their car during class, however please be sure to stay within 5 miles of the class location in case you are needed. Parents are welcome to bring a picnic blanket or lawn chair to watch class! Siblings are welcome to play during class.

+ Does my child need to wear a uniform?

/ Yes uniforms are required at Park Dojo. Students can choose to wear either the Park Dojo t-shirt with black shorts or pants OR the Park Dojo dobok. Both uniforms are worn with your child's rank belt. Please make sure your child has their uniform and belt each class, since we award stripes often and it teaches the student responsibility as well. You can find the Park Dojo under the "shop" tab.

+ Do you offer financial assistance?

/ Please contact us if you need financial assistance or to break your session tuition up into 2-3 payments. We are here to help and never want to turn a student away due to non-payment.

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