I began training in Taekwondo in 1995 at age 8. I was a competitor and athlete. I loved training everyday. But nothing empowered and fulfilled me more than teaching. To reveal to a student their own talent was becoming even more gratifying than discovering my own. I connected well with the younger students and I could see their confidence growing after only working with them for a few classes. At age 15, I knew I wanted martial arts to be my career. I dreamed of opening my own academy one day. At age 18, I opened my first business; teaching taekwondo in local preschools. I was teaching many students with limited overhead and this was working as a career. I spent the next 12 years teaching thousands of students in local schools and recreational centers. During that time I also had my daughter (Kai) and son (Maximus). After years of teaching and countless students and support, the time has come to finally realize my dream. Along side my friend, business partner,  jiujitsu professor and also long time martial arts practitioner, Prof Marlon Loor, we are excited to finally open THE ACADEMY.
THE ACADEMY will feature a modern facility with locker rooms, shower, clean open mat, after school hang out room, vending machines and more. The program will boast a DUAL arts belt system for all students age 11 and under. This means our Samurais (age 5-11) and Tiny Warriors (age 3-5) will earn belts in both Brazilian Jiujitsu and Taekwondo. They will study under world class instructors with high level competition experience, but most importantly- TEACHING experience. THE ACADEMY will provide a culture of inclusiveness, positivity and empowerment. The academy will welcome teens to hang out, jump into class, help with the younger students and reach their potential. The adult program will offer classes for parents, college students, professionals and everyone in between. Brazilian Jiujitsu will slowly infiltrate the mind and body of the adult student and the increase of confidence and growth mindset will be felt in all areas of life. THE ACADEMY will hold social events, in-house tournaments, belt promotions, competition training, bring a friend days and more.
For the past 10 years, Master Alyssa has brought taekwondo to hundreds of children around Charlotte. Prof Marlon has changed the lives of countless students including law enforcement officers and military personnel. If you feel impacted by their teaching and want to help support this next step of reaching more people in Charlotte, we'd love your support. This can be through this page, attending events, enrolling in classes or spreading the word to your friends and family. We appreciate all of our students so much and are so lucky to do what we do.
We are so excited to finally see this dream coming to life. But like all new businesses, there is a lot of work to do. In THE ACADEMY we plan to take down one large wall, convert one bathroom to a shower room, and outfit the facility with comfortable locker rooms, seating area and lobby. We encourage all of our students who know and love our services to take advantage of the grand opening deals and promotions. Yet if you feel called to donate to the start-up and growth of THE ACADEMY, no amount would be too small.  Every donation will go into the renovations and start-up to open our doors by early May 2020.
We are so grateful for the opportunity to go to "work" everyday in our "ninja outfits" and teach something we are so passionate about. We look forward to bringing our best to uptown Charlotte for many years to come!
Always our best,
Alyssa Forgach (Founder/Co-Owner)
4th dan black belt (master) Taekwondo / Blue belt Brazilian Jiujitsu / Multiple time NC State Champion
Marlon Loor (Co-Owner)
2nd dan black belt Taekwondo / 2nd degree black belt Brazilian Jiujitsu / 2019 World Champion
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