SUNDAY, March 20th: 9:30-10:30am (3-6 year olds)10:30-12pm (7yrs+)Two divisions:Ninja Obstacle Course- We will be building the most FUN obstacle course for the Park Dojo students! Jump over, crawl under, lift, throw. We will time the students and the fastest wins GOLD! Second place wins a silver medal and third place wins a bronze medal! Striking: An instructor will hold a kick pad for 30 seconds. We will count how many kicks you can do in the time! The most kicks wins GOLD! Second most kicks in the 30 seconds wins silver and third most wins bronze!This tournament is open to ALL Park Dojo students, ALL levels and ages. This is a great friendly introduction to competition. There is a very positive atmosphere. We encourage parents to talk about competition, such as overcoming nerves, being humble if you win, keeping a good attitude if you don’t win, good sportsmanship, etc. Students can sign up for one OR both divisions. Competitors will win one medal per division. Competitors also will receive a special goodie bag and snack/beverage after competition. Your child will have a 20 minute window for their competition with 3 other kids. Once they’re finished, they will go outside to collect their medal and take photos. Divisions are matched by Master Alyssa and are fair and fun!Location:Ballantyne Kicks15105 John J Delaney Dr28277

2022 Park Dojo Friendship Tournament