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Park Dojo is a foundational martial arts program designed specifically for younger kids (age 3-6). Please check out MindsetBJJ.com for children over age 7 or after completing 2-3 Park Dojo sessions. 


Fall 1: (8-weeks) Sept 12- Nov 5

Fall 2: (7-weeks) Nov 7- Dec 23


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Open to ages 3-6, beginners only


Tuition includes belt promotion fees. Belt promotion will take place at the 8th and final class.


Park Dojo is great for fitness, confidence, focus and fun. Students will learn the basics of Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiujitsu. Park Dojo builds confidence and empowers young kids. We are a very age appropriate program and introduction to friendly martial arts and self-defense training. 


Classes meet outdoors. Feel free to bring a picnic blanket, lawn chair, or wait in your car. Classes are 40-minutes and include warm ups, basics, forms, partner drills, kicking on targets, games, mindset talks and more. Please bring water bottle and dress appropriate to the weather. For inclement weather, students can attend another session during the week to make-up class.


Classes are taught by TKD black belts who also currently train in Brazilian jiujitsu. All instrutors are background checked and certified in the Park Dojo instructional curriculum. We are very big on positive communication and gentle encouragement. 


After enrollment, you will receive a welcome email with location details and more class info prior to your child's first class.


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Direct questions to Hello@ParkDojo.com

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