All Park Dojo students welcome! The 3rd Annual Park Dojo tournament is a friendly competitive atmosphere that will help new martial artists grow their confidence and learn competition mindset. This year we will continue our Covid-safe no-contact divisions which include; 1) Ninja obstacle course, 2) Forms competition and 3) Striking (timed) competition. Please read over the details of each division below.
Tournament Info
Saturday May 8th
(times can vary depending on how many participants register)
9am Obstacle Course competition
11am Forms competition
12pm Striking competition
North Charlotte Park
901 Herrin Ave
Charlotte, NC 28205
Divisions will be decided by Master Alyssa by athletic skill and belt level. Participants will be put into a group of 3 competitors. First place will earn the gold medal, second place will earn the silver medal and third place will earn the bronze medal. Participants will likely compete against kids from other locations. Participants will not compete against siblings.
*Registration includes participation in event, award medal, special thank you gift at check-in, snack and water bottle.
$30 (1 division)
$50 (2 divisions)
$65 (3 divisions)
Use the code "tourneysiblings" for a 25% sibling discount.
Obstacle Course: Students will be timed at the start of the course. The course will include tires, cones to move around, hoops to jump in, weight connected to rope, running, rolling (on mat) and more! Medals will be awarded by time.
Forms: Students will perform their belt level, previous belt level OR make up their own form for our instructors. A score of 5 to 10 will be awarded. Instructors will look for focus, technique, breathing control, loud kiap, strong punches, good stances, confidence and high kicks.  
Striking: Students will have 30 seconds to strike the target with kicks. Each solid, strong kick will count as one. Medals will be awarded in order of the most kicks in the 30 seconds. 
*Please note, competition can be scary and cause a lot of nerves. This is a great time to talk to your child about competition, overcoming nerves and coming out on the other side feeling a feeling one can't describe. Whether you win or lose, nothing beats the rush and feeling after competition. If you win, you're more motivated to train. If you lose, you're more motivated to train. Keep a positive dialogue leading up to the tournament and let your child know that you will be proud no matter what the result is.
Tournament Registration

Tournament Registration

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